Join the Galaxy!     OG MINT - APRIL 30.

OG Cats will yield 10-200 $CATNIP per day - depending on rarity of the items.
The $CATNIP and $CATGEMS utility tokens will be at the core of the Dual-Token Economy in Harvest Galaxy - item store, marketplace and staking platform. This will ensure ever-evolving demand for the tokens, regardless of Crypto market cycles.



The year is 2093. Planet Earth was long destroyed by AI taking over every aspect of human ability. A gang of 6000 Cats (1000 Genesis and 5000 OG) managed to teleport their DNA strands to Harvest Galaxy just before the final extinction.

Fast forward to date; the energy is just right in this galaxy to create an infinitely abundant civilisation.

Before extracting their DNA, the OG Cats voted and made the following rules:

  • Decentralization is the way to abundance, therefore a DAO must be established.
  • Every Genesis Cat is entitled to $CATGEMS and rare OG Cats are entitled to harvest the $CATNIP utility token
  • A movement must be established to get fiat gamers into NFT gaming
  • All Cats are frens and form a community


Now the time has come for the OG Cats to drop into the non-fungible Universe

You can help a unique OG Cat come to life from the extracted DNA strands. Your Cat is ready to be reborn! Each NFT is randomly generated and might come with rare traits providing unique utility. Mint one or more now!

Mint on April 30.


  • Access. Holders will benefit from all future NFT launches through early access, airdrops and rewards.
  • Crossbreeding experiment. First in NFT land! 🔥 OG Cats will be able to crossbreed with other NFT collections. First collection TBA.
  • Cloning. Holders can also clone their OG Cat to mint an OG Kitten. The art will be just as incredible, but a little cuter.
  • Yield $CATGEMS and $CATNIP tokens. The utility tokens will be needed to mint a range of valuable new NFTs including land.
  • Access to Blue chip communities: Neo Tokyo, BAYC, CyberKongz. OG Cats community wallet will be used to buy into Blue chip projects.
  • Early access to in-game NFTs: land, tools, upgrades.


OG Cats on the Run - 3D infinite runner mobile game

The first game to be developed will feature an infinite runner mobile game with a rich internal economy and an addictive gameplay loop. (inspired by Subway Surfers and Crash Bandicoot: On the Run!)

OG Cats will be landowners. The native token can be used to mint land. Land will produce valuable in game assets that can be periodically harvested.



Land will have great in-game utility, as tokens and valuable NFTs will be generated here. These can be periodically harvested by the NFT holders. Harvesting can be automated with automatic harvester NFTs.

Land can be upgraded to produce more yield and/or at more frequent intervals.

Gaming experience first

Powerups, exploding confetti, satisfaction. We love addictive, colorful, casual mobile games. These should be based on a play-to-earn principle.

A game doesn’t have to be AAA to be addictive and give satisfaction to the player. Many medium budget mobile games are among the top played games in app stores.

Movement to get mobile fiat gamers into NFT

The global gaming market is predicted to reach $175 billion in revenue in 2021 alone. Half of this is generated through in-game purchases. However, buyers are frustrated that they don't own the purchased items. Instead, ownership is held by the companies that sell them. The solution? In-game NFTs.

Those who will facilitate the move of fiat gamers into NFT games will see huge rewards, but more importantly solve the issue of in-game item ownership.

By providing free-to-play (non-wallet connected) versions of games, we will get access to a huge base of fiat gamers. At this inflection point we need to build simple, exceptional UX solutions that enable fiat gamers to buy in-game NFT items, possibly using credit cards or in-app payments.

This can potentially accelerate NFT adoption and serve as a gateway for thousands of fiat mobile gamers to try the play-to-earn model and invest into NFTs.


Main objectives

The main focus of the project is to acquire, develop and operate mobile games as well as to collaborate with game studios for NFT integrations.

The main aim is to evolve Harvest Galaxy into a game hub for play-to-earn mobile NFT games. Objectives:

  • Acquiring mobile games with an active player base - adding NFTs and play-to-earn mechanics.

  • Developing and operating fun and addictive play-to-earn mobile games.

  • Partnering with mobile game studios, adding NFTs to existing and new games.



Harvest Galaxy will operate based on the Two-Token Model. Play-to-earn gaming ecosystems thrive on dual token systems. Detailed and illustrated tokenomics will be released before token launch.

$CATGEMS - this is the governance token of Harvest Galaxy. It will be needed for minting new NFTs.         Genesis Cats + $CATGEMS + $CATNIP = new NFT!         OG Cats (non-genesis) will need $CATGEMS to upgrade themselves to yield $CATNIP.   Only Genesis Cats will yield $CATGEMS.

$CATNIP - this is the fuel of Harvest Galaxy.   All consumable items and events will burn $CATNIP.     Genesis Cats will need $CATNIP to fuel the minting of new NFTs. Only upgraded OG Cats (non-genesis) will yield $CATNIP.

Stability - post mint

  • Ramping up PR and marketing to grow publicity and increase demand for the NFTs on the secondary market
  • Incentives and rewards to hold long term - unique access, giveaways and airdrops - leading to decreased supply
  • Collabs (including crossbreeding) with other projects - this will mean increased demand from other communities
  • A buy-back wallet will be used to stabilize the price of OG Cat NFTs, by buying the floor
  • Regular updates on how the roadmap is progressing for steady, long term growth


An incredible roadmap of innovative and disruptive milestones.





OG Cats Game Development


Crossbreeding and cloning


Ramp Up Marketing








Game Land Sale


Harvest Galaxy Marketplace




OG Cats Game Final Release


New Game Integrations




Harvest Galaxy Game Hub


Metaverse/ VX Avatars


Scaling Up


Game Development phase 1 - 1-2 months

  • Community created game - OG Cats infinite runner mobile game with land ownership elements, created in Unity.
  • GDD, defining MVP
  • Planning Metaverse integration
  • Preparing GDD (game design document) - community proposals and voting for concept, story and characters, play-to-earn mechanics
  • Defining an addictive gameplay loop
  • Levels and world design, art sketches
  • Defining MVP and working on prototype version with core mechanics

Cloning of OG Cats to mint cute OG Kittens

  • Holders can choose to either clone or crossbreed their OG Cat. This will be claimable by every OG Cat you hold.

Crossbreeding with another NFT collection 🔥

  • Crossbreeding experiment 🔥 OG cats will be able to crossbreed with other NFT collections. Community voting to decide further NFTs to crossbreed with
  • Community voting to plan traits and utilities

Launching NFT web portals

  • Launch of websites
  • Hiring NFT writers
  • Driving traffic to the websites
  • Project’s founding team currently owns and operates an online media portfolio generating 150M+ monthly page views

Buying Metaverse land

  • In Sandbox and Decentraland
  • Aim - to build a village in the Metaverse - OG Cats will have their own village in the Metaverse
  • Voting on what it should look like and how it should function

Ramping up PR and marketing

  • Aim - to grow community and increase demand for the NFTs on the secondary market
  • PR releases in big name news portals
  • Onboarding ambassadors
  • Giveaways

$CATGEMS and $CATNIP token launch

  • Developing detailed tokenomics with the community
  • Marketing campaign
  • Token contract
  • Adding to Uniswap
  • Creating liquidity pools


  • Planning for progressive decentralization by the community, DAO structure
  • DAO smart contracts setup
  • DAO controller backend and frontend

Game Demo release - development phase 2 - 2-3 months

  • Prototyping, art, vertical slice
  • Prototype version with core mechanics, including a limited number of levels
  • Character controller development, obstacle spawning, power-ups
  • 2D illustrations, 3D models and textures, visual effect and animations, sound effects
  • 5-30 minutes of playable demo

Acquiring a game with an active player base

  • With an existing player base, games that currently generate revenue
  • Game to be chosen by community voting
  • Voting on ways to add NFTs
  • Coming up with play-to-earn mechanics
  • Standardized NFT integration process to use across all games
  • Integrating the NFTs

Land sale

  • Game land plots will be NFTs that produce valuable in-game items and tokens
  • $CATNIP token to be used for minting land

Harvest Galaxy platform Alpha release

  • Release of a basic version of the store, marketplace and staking platform, to be tested by the community
  • New features and fixes will be added to this version

Crossbreeding with more NFT collections

  • Community voting to decide which collections to collaborate with

OG Cats game Alpha, Beta releases and final launch

  • Community testing of the feature complete game
  • Optimization and fixes
  • Releasing to the platforms: Google Play and Apple App Store
  • Marketing and player acquisition campaign

Acquiring further mobile games

  • Acquiring games with an active player base.
  • Adding fully functional NFT integrations and play-to-earn mechanics to the acquired games

Harvest Galaxy store and marketplace final launch

  • Fully functional marketplace

Bringing play-to-earn to the masses

  • Reaching a large player base through the expanding mobile gamers portfolio

Metaverse and VX avatars

  • Launch of VX avatars to be minted by burning the $CATNIP token
  • Building out village in metaverse

Harvest Galaxy development into game hub

  • A hub where gamestudios can easily integrate and launch play-to-earn NFT games

Scaling up current operations

  • Development and acquisitions of new mobile games
  • Increasing the reach of the media portfolio

Ideas to explore

  • Multi level staking rewards
  • AI based crossbreeding
  • NFT swap marketplace - trading NFTs without currency
  • NFT clothing store for Metaverse - platform principle, connecting VX clothing designers with buyers

Frequently asked questions

Which blockchain?

Ethereum Mainnet for the OG Cats collection. All further collections and in-game items will launch on Immutable X.

Wen mint?

April 30. 2022. Presale-6PM UTC. Public sale-9PM UTC

Is there a whitelist?

Yes, check our Discord.

How many can I mint?

5 OG Cats per transaction.

Can I mint on mobile?

Yes, be sure to use the Metamask browser.

What is the smart contract address?